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Effective 5th March 2020. Revised 28 October 2021.


All of your payments- including digital downloads, playbooks, daybooks, audios, deposits, trials, events, mentoring or course payments- are non-refundable.


Two reasons.

Firstly, we don't sell undies. 

We sell online products, mentoring and programs, that are full of over 17-years of expert knowledge, experience and time.

We spend hundreds of hours every month researching, writing, editing and creating practical hacks and resources. Our time, energy and support are things that cannot be returned. 

Secondly, I know from personal experience, how easy it is for self-sabotage to creep in and for you to start second-guessing your decisions.

I know all too well how that little voice in your head can pop up and try to talk you out of doing things that you know are going to help you change and transform.

I know how easy it is to say, "Oops! Changed my mind!"; "I'm so busy, how am I going to have time?"; "Oh, no, I don't really need this"; "I probably should just keep doing it myself for a bit longer"; "I've tried everything, how is this any different?"…

So, I’m doing the exact thing you are paying me to do. 

I am helping you to transform. I am helping to keep you on track, stay committed and accountable.

When you buy a ticket to a 'Billie Eilish' concert, and then life happens. You might decide you don’t feel like going or you come up with another excuse, like "it’s too far away, I don’t have time, I can’t find a babysitter”, or whatever happens? You don't go. You stay at home, and you miss out. Right?

Are you going to write an email to 'Billie Eilish' and ask for a refund? Ahhh hell no.

'Billie Eilish' isn’t going to refund your money just because you decided not to show up, or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. 

That was your choice. Right?

One of my values is always to treat people how you would like to be treated. With respect. Right?

Respect your time—respect mine.

And respect the decision you initially made, to invest in yourself, your health, your happiness and your future. 

Any questions before you commit?

Email: [email protected]

Dr Casey Delmara and The Mental Health Hacker Tribe

P.S. We are super proud of the quality and value of our products, courses, and immersions provide. We pour our heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into the development of our resources (not literally, that's just gross). 

But ultimately, you will get out of this what you put into this. The results you get are determined by you.

The question is- will you commit? Will you show up and do the work?


Email: [email protected] 

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